Trusted and well established

Many years of trade

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Xpronet Inc Ltd was established in 2015 for international trade, marketing, and consultancy services to complement independently the exploration company founded in 1998.

- Global exclusivity for Marketing & Distribution for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In 2020, the global pandemic has been challenging to all industries, Xpronet Inc acquired the global distribution and marketing rights for the supply and manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directly from a group of companies in Bangladesh that have over 200 factories to meet the market needs. We unique fabrics (FDA & CE) with added Swiss Viro-block and Antiviral textile technology to make our unique masks, isolation gowns (washable 30 times). Our N95 masks (non-medical) are comfortable and praised by many reputable health organisation, we offer quality, high standards and competitive price.

- Core Business – Oil & Gas and the Energy sector

With its vast network of partners, the company started trading from crude oil, fuel oil, d2, petrochemical and petroleum products. Later expanding to LPG, Polymers and even Fertilizers directly from the principle assuring reliability and competitive market price.

- Worldwide exclusivity for Patented British Dual Technology

In 2020, Xpronet, acquired the world-wide marketing, distribution, and consultancy rights for a globally patented British dual fuel technology. Bringing affordable lower carbon and emission solutions to transport and power generations around the world. We are evolving towards a zero carbon economy. Negotiation has commenced introducing this technology in South Asia, MENA and Africa, along with potential UK trade support. The future is green.