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Oil & Gas, fertilisers, Polymers & LPG

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Dual Fuel Green Technology

Xpronet Inc Ltd has the exclusivity to a globally patented British dual fuel technology that covers all heavy diesel engines – rail, marine and gensets. Cleaner fuels [bio-gas, bio-LPG, methanol, hydrogen, etc] to a cleaner, sustainable fuelling infrastructure.

An opportunity that will create employment, enhance the workforce in engineering technology and benefit the nation as it develops new green industries.

We are working with our selected local partners to introduce our technology in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, The Kingdom of Morocco, The Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


commodity trading

Crude Oil and oil products.

Personal Protective Equipment (ppe)

Xpronet Inc Ltd is a global distributer for Personal Protective Equipment for a group of large conglomerates in Asia specialising in garments and textiles and producing PPE to fight the global pandemic. With direct access to 200 factories in Bangladesh vertically set with in Woven, Denim, Knit, sweater and PPE manufacturing, price and quality is unmatched.

Our Swiss patented Fabric HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 – Antiviral textile technology kills bacteria and destroys common harmful viruses – First line of defence against the Corvid-19 and the global pandemic

Together we will support and protect our frontline workers.


Our company performs a huge range of services

Oil and Gas

Xpronet Inc has been trading in crude oil and oil products in partnership with its many principles.

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Xpronet Inc has access to Urea and Commercial Sulphur to support the agricultural sector

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Xpronet Inc can source Liquified Petroleum Gas for long term reliable clients.

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Polymers & petrochemicals

Xpronet Inc provides polymers and petrochemical to its many clients in the textile and garments sector.

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Textile & Garments

Xpronet Inc has the exclusivity with some of the leading global manufacturers and can supply from army uniforms to the fashion industry.

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Xpronet Inc is developing with its partners in Bangladesh to produce bio-degradable eco-friendly bags.

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Dual fuel technology
UK Export trade Finance
Infrastructure – Petroleum Industry
Mineral & Mines
Genset technology
Developing recycling technology for greener fuel
Potential market worth $800M


Dual Fuel Technology

Global exclusivity
Patented worldwide
Supported with UK export finance
Zero Emission technology
Business worth in our targeted countries over $ 1 Billion



Our biggest market
Potential worth more than $2Billion
Commodity trading
Garments & Textile
Dual fuel technology
Railway, Marine, power plants
Infrastructure EPC + F
Genset technology
Developing recycling technology for greener fuel


Shipping & Transport

Reliable shipping and ocean transport
Working with Shipping industry experts
Ensuring global logistics network provide efficient solutions

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Working with the main principles
Urea N46
Commercial Sulphur
Other Agricultural products



Dual fuel technology
UK Export trade Finance
Commodity trading
Railway, Marine,
Genset technology
Developing recycling technology for greener fuel
Infrastructure EPC + F
Market worth $1-2 Billion


Oil & Gas Exploration

The essence and beginning of our history.
Upstream – Acreage around the world
Midstream – Pipelines
Downstream – Refinery and Petrochemical products



Our core base the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Working with partners in Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain
Access Investment and Finance including sovereign funds

Our partners

Providing only top quality

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